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Beginning Greek: Make Friends with the Greek Alphabet

Make Friends with the Greek Alphabet 

Learning a language with a different alphabet is a distinct challenge. 

Getting over the hurdle of learning how to read is key to setting a strong foundation for your Greek language learning journey. 

Make Friends with the Greek Alphabet was designed specifically to help you cross that roadblock.

A one-of-a-kind program for English speakers who want to learn to pronounce correctly and to read Greek with ease.

Upon completion of this course,

👉🏼 you will know how to speak with correct pronunciation

👉🏼 you will know how to write the letters

👉🏼 you will know what sound each letter, or combination of letters, stands for in a word

👉🏼 you will know you don't need to panic when you see an unfamiliar word 😳

👉🏼 you will remain calm even in the face of loooooong, multi-syllabic word 🎯🎯🎯

👉🏼 you will know how to read a Greek text 📚📖 🏆 

How does this course work?

With my trademark blend of clearly designed digital content plus asynchronous support via digital channels, we will cover every aspect of the alphabet including correct pronunciation, new sounds, looooong multi-syllabic words, reading, and reading aloud (which is speaking, right?).

If you'd like you can have quick and easy access to the lessons via private podcast:  Listen any time, anywhere, on-the-go, without "logging in" to anything - whether you have internet or not. 

Live Classes over Zoom Tuesdays 11am EST / 6pm Greece  [45 minutes]

Zoom Link:

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