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Modern Greek Foundations

Want to learn to read, write and speak with the correct pronunciation in Greek? 

Want to brush up on the Greek you already have? Fill in the GAPS? Feel confident in the details? 

With a fast and fun method? With group energy? Here it is! ✅

This course is the result of experience of my living in Greece and yearning and struggling to speak the language.

I decided to create the course I wish had existed when I moved to Greece. This is it! 🎉

Live classes are held on Tuesdays, 9pm Greece / 2pm ET*

*The last Tuesday of each month is a Greek song class. 

The combination of digital resources + live classes + song classes + community make this a unique learning opportunity and experience!

I’ll give you my step-by-step roadmap, with support, feedback, and accountability so that you enjoy and succeed in your language learning journey.

What’s included in this course?

Each module includes:
✅Concise, entertaining video lessons
✅Printable PDFs 
✅Quizzes at the end of each lesson and module 
✅ Audio clips with various native speakers 
✅Personalized feedback from Demetra 

✅Tuesdays 9 PM Greece / 2 pm ET 

These classes are always recorded and can be viewed at any time.

✅ A highly-supportive private community run by Demetra. You will be part of a group of like-minded Greek learners on the same language learning journey as you.


✅ You’ll have Demetra's individual feedback throughout the entirety of your experience. Be sure to watch the Welcome Module the moment you sign up! 😊

Cheering you on!

-Demetra / Δήμητρα

16 Modules


BONUS: The "Happy Birthday" Song in Greek (yes, I SING IT!) 😊

Modules for this product 16
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