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Greek Song Classes

We are passionate for languages, music, singing, dancing, cooking, art and storytelling!

We are dreaming of combining all of the above into yummy dishes for everyday use or special occasions! 

We have started with songs.

We have selected and categorized many Greek songs from a variety of genres, levels and eras; we have collected real-life stories that accompany the songs; we have created a playful cross-categorization table that enables us and you to choose from hundreds of Greek songs to suit your particular needs - e.g. a combination of: beginners level, learning numbers, love song, sung by a woman, lively, traditional; or: advanced level, learning tenses, forbidden songs, revolutionary, poem, slow, by specific artist.

We are also open to YOUR suggestions and wishes! 

You can pick a song that you have heard, like, want to learn or want to master, or want to understand the historical context of, and we will learn it from different angles: context, grammar, pronunciation, personal stories/memories of people who like it, listen to different versions, sing it on our own, etc.

You are warmly welcome to join us for our monthly meetings!

You can register for a one-off meeting or join monthly with access to all the database.

Each meeting or series of meetings will have a theme so you can choose or join in the fun in all of them!

In each meeting, you learn to sing a Greek song - whether you can read Greek or not.

At the same time, we help you learn or improve your Greek language skills via the songs

Our instructor? The very talented Maria Andreoulaki. 


Do I need to know how to read music? NO! 🎼

Do I need to know how to read Greek? NO! 📖

5 Modules

Upcoming Class: February 27, 2024, , 9pm Greece / 2pm EST: Carnival Theme


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 All The Above + Modern Greek Foundations course + Weekly Live Classes
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